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more skinhead love…

January 9, 2010


mmmmmm more vids!

January 8, 2010

Hey guys, i found this really sweet collection of videos worth looking into if you’re into the british history of cultures


January 8, 2010

wow!!! this is finally all coming together…

my love for subcultures and art, in this awesome photo exhibition/website called “exactitudes”

pretty much what im looking for, and helps for my senior thesis proposal.

(link opens in new window =))

skinheads need love too…

January 8, 2010

not nazi’s okay. plz get it right…its called SHARPS, aka skinheads against racial prejudice

its a mod, mod, world

January 8, 2010

so a lot of these subcultures are starting to over lap, from skinhead, to mod, to punk, to goth, to metal, so plz just bear with me.

oh jesus, i think this blog might be pretty awesome too

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london in the raw

sexy, no?


1960s london love

good ol' michael caine

gotta rep the graphic design of the time